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            Stock abbreviation:sansheng shares    Stock code:002742

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            Industry sector

            Industry involves medicine, commercial concrete, concrete admixtures, chemicals, overseas industries, etc.

            Gypsum & Chemical Products

            Sansheng Shares Gypsum Mine Subsidiary possesses quality gypsum resources, with explored reserves of 1. 16 billion tons, one of the seven largest gypsum mineral deposits in China. Remarkably, the anhydrite in the mine contains rich calcium sulfate, which is of great industrial value in the integrated production of sulfuric acid, cement & expansive agent.


            Sansheng Shares is one of the manufacturers in China who adopted the technology of integrated production of sulfuric acid &cement from gypsum, realized mass production and carried out the R&D and production of sulfuric acid product series at a very early stage.

            With over 10 invention patents and new practical technologies in sulfuric acid production from gypsum, Sansheng Shares currently owns several independent intellectual property nights, reaching an annual capacity of 450,000 tons of sulfuric acid production from gypsum, 40,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 40,000 tons of sodium metabisulfite.