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            Stock abbreviation:sansheng shares    Stock code:002742

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            About us

            Connecting the world with industry, creating history through health care

            Group Profile

            From the exploitation of crude gypsum to comprehensive utilization of gypsum mineral, from the establishment of the circular economic industrial chain of expander, water reducer, commodity concrete, and sulfur to the entrance into medical manufacturing with capital operation, Sansheng Shares has constructed an integrated modern enterprise structure with complete industrial chains, and has been acknowledged as “Hi-tech Enterprise”, and approved to have established “Chongqing Concrete Additive Engineering Technology Research Center” . It has about 20 wholly owned subsidiaries, branch offices (factories), or holding companies, covering six fields of commodity concrete, concrete additives, chemical engineering, mining, medicine, and investment.  
            Chongqing Sansheng Industrial Co. Ltd. is a listed integrated enterprise, specializing in the research of comprehensive utilization of gypsum resources and the development of new construction materials, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing.
            Stock code: 002742; Stock abbreviation: Sansheng shares