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            Focus, professionalism, special work... The demanding and creating of product quality comes from continuous innovation in professional technology.


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            Sansheng Pharmaceutical R&D Center specializes in the research of n-ew drug development, drug intermediate research and developmen-t, and chemical process development. It has long been committed to the long-term development and research of anti-tumor antibiotics, ca-rdiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive tract, respiratory tract, an-tipyretic and analgesic drugs.。
            Chongqing Sanjiao Additive Engineering Technology Center under Sa-nsheng specializes in technical research and development and techn-ological innovation of concrete admixtures, and has established exte-nsive cooperation with China Building Materials Research Institute, B-eijing University of Technology, Chongqing University and other rese-arch institutes.。



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