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            Stock abbreviation:sansheng shares    tock code:002742

            Connecting the world by industry , creating history through health care

            以產業連通世界  以健康鑄就百年

            About us

            about us

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            Sansheng shares Overview

            Chongqing Sansheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a listed com-pany specializing in the comprehensive utilization of g-ypsum resources and product development, and integ-rating pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other diver-se industries. The stock code: 002742, the stock is refe-rred to as “Sansheng Shares”。

            Brave and enterprising

            Tough focus

            Company culture

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            Since the establishment of the company, w-e have practiced the concepts of low carb-on, environmental protection, energy con-servation and circular economy, with inno-vation and development as the main axis. Now we have become the industry leader i-n the comprehensive utilization of gypsu-m resources and the first-class new buildin-g materials manufacturer in China.。

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            Development path


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